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A Personalized Roadmap To Your Financial Goals

How much more peace of mind would you have if you had a financial strategy that reflected what was truly important to you, where all the parts of your financial picture worked together to achieve your goals?

We strive to make the financial planning process easy so you can achieve that peace of mind. 

Your Vision Through an open exchange about your financial situation, we help you dig deeper, search farther, and look beyond the obvious to define your financial objectives.  We also aim to understand the values you use when making day-to-day and major decisions.

Your Opportunities From that process, we analyze your entire financial picture, from present day to retirement and estate needs, to uncover the opportunities and challenges associated with realizing your financial goals.

Your Unique Plan We then devise a strategy to help you achieve your goals.  We factor in your assets and liabilities, anticipated income stream, expenses, time horizon, risk tolerance, rates of return, and inflation.  A comprehensive financial plan is your personalized roadmap that covers the following areas:

  • Goals and objectives analysis to provide overall meaning to the financial plan

  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis to project likely living expense levels over your lifetime

  • Portfolio analysis to understand your total investment picture and analyze special holdings, such as concentrated and highly appreciated securities

  • Retirement planning to project likely living expenses in retirement, understand the likelihood of meeting retirement income needs, and use tax-deferred retirement plans

  • Tax minimization to improve your wealth-building efficiency

  • Disability, long-term care, and risk management to plan for potential incapacity and protect you from catastrophic loss

  • Gifting strategies to evaluate amounts and forms of lifetime gifts

  • Estate planning to transfer assets to heirs or charitable causes

Implementing Your Plan Next, we assist you to implement agreed upon changes, which may include:

  • Consolidating your investments

  • Changing your 401(k) plan or IRA investments

  • Adopting retirement plans or other tax-saving strategies

  • Saving strategies for specific long-term goals, such as funding a college education or home purchase

  • Providing guidance and analysis to assist with selecting the best debt choices, including home mortgages and home equity loans

  • Drafting or updating your estate plan to minimize the impact of taxes on your assets

  • Evaluating the need for long term care insurance

  • Changing insurance deductibles or liability limits

While implementing any recommended changes, we are happy to work with your attorney, accountant, or other representative to form an integrated financial team.

Monitoring As your circumstances change, we refine your plan to ensure its relevancy.

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."
Alan Lakein